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I'm at the age where I see friends; senior and junior to me, get married, have kids-- basically moving on to the next phase in life: familyhood (is that even a word?). Me? I still think like a twenty-year-old, like a slightly older teenager living in a shell of a supposed adult. Not sure if that's a good thing. It probably isn't. It feels like a lifetime ago when my mentor spoke to me for over an hour one day, and her words sliced through me like a hot knife through hard, stubborn butter. "A little kid who doesn't know anything is cute in our eyes. But an adult who doesn't know how to act like one is unsightly." In other words, she was telling me to act my age. And I was like, what's a 26-year-old supposed to act like?? Good question. It's one I've been asking for a long time. Apparently, I was immature, insensitive, and in a way, selfish. All aspects you'd find in a little 5 year old. This was more than a year ago. I often wonder i
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It's week 3 already?! (+post-quake)

A super overdue post! Sorry about that guys. It's been a busy three weeks since I arrived with all the language studying, settling in, meetings, and events happening. Anyway, let's get to it. Here's a quick update on what's happened after right my previous post: Electricity came back at around 8:30 pm the following day (thank God!) Supermarkets & convenience stores were constantly cleared out of their fresh goods (eggs, rice, noodles, milk, meat, fish).  Most shops had remained closed in case of strong aftershocks Japanese classes were post-phoned until the following week Most other areas in Hokkaido, especially those closer to the epicentre still did not have electricity, water, gas Damages in the city (Sapporo) - roads ruined, some trees uprooted, parts of buildings fell off You can see the hospital lit up in the distance Dinner time was quite romantic if you can imagine. Well, it's been a couple of weeks and I can say that life is

Settling In + Hokkaido Earthquake Updates

It's been such a busy three days that I couldn't really sit down and write this post! Monday After I landed, I took a bus from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo. I was supposed to get off at Asabu station (2nd last stop), but silly me decided to get off at the final stop. If you saw my insta story, you'd have seen that I took a taxi, but whooh, my anxiety climbed as the meter rate went from 600+ yen to 1000+ yen. That's like, RM30+ for a 10 minute ride, guys. Of course, getting a taxi as opposed to, say, walking would be the wiser option if you have 45kg worth of luggage to carry around with you, like me. From the airport They use RFID here for their tolls. No obstructing poles.  The setting for most anime/manga; high rise mansions (or are they apartments? I still can't tell the difference yet) "Mansions" are not fancy bungalows for crazy rich asians. They're just better & pricier apartments. somewhere in Sappor