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Update from Quezon City

It's been almost a whole year since my last update (2016) and time sure flies. I can bet that my 23-year-old self wouldn't have believed me if I told her that I would be updating this blog in the Philippines a year later.

Now this is my first time here and I can tell you that the days that had led up to my departure from KLIA 2 were just buzzing with anxiety. Firstly, I was arriving in Manila at night, alone in a foreign country with no one to meet me there. I've been told stories of kidnappings, taxi scams and other frightening stuff. What's more, at the customs before my departure, I was stopped because my passport was blacklisted. Why? Because PTPTN staff were slacking. I was told to drop by this small, makeshift counter and I told the dude there that I just started paying my dues about a week ago. He looked at me funny and said that the center I paid at should've removed the ban by now. Long story short, the issue was dealt with and I was cleared to leave the c…

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