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Wa-themed Gathering + Getting Lost In The Jungle.

As the title states, it was a pretty hectic day today. 
The group I was a part of that celebrates all-things-和服 (wafuku--or traditional Japanese clothing) had a gathering today. Months and weeks leading up to this event, I had contemplated on going, or not, because I wasn't quite sure of my schedule so far in advance. Turns out that it was a really lovely experience meeting people with similar interests, even though I've never met them before.

Hearing the word いざかや (izakaya), I was immediately transported back to the time I visited one in Tokyo about a few years back. The place was cramped, reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke, and best of all, noisy. It was where people went to unwind and rant about their bosses and hit on unsuspecting & potential dates (I'm just speculating. That's what people do when they get drunk, right?) One thing that's similar, was that food was expensive. Oh yes. You'd think eating at an izakaya would be say, affordable, like at t…

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