End of the journey

I wonder if my post titles are beginning to sound more and more epic..

That's besides the point, I've just hired my graduation gown!!
Now I'm really beginning to feel the surging excitement on graduating! (Refer to previous post)
So, right now, I'm at that part where I have to find something to do for the next month or so to occupy my ample free time till graduation. 
I could pick up coding - I saw a couple of my university friends doing that after their dissertations were done..
Or I could continue writing fiction. Hahaha!
Though I am picking up Japanese again (yay!) and exercising (double yay!! Flabs and tummy fat begone! Hello firm calves.)

Other than that, I guess there isn't much going on right now...
Now to catch up with all the movies and drama that I've been deprived on.


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