Where's your Enthusiasm?

I find it strange.
What you may ask?
Well, I just finished my last ever assignment and have thus completed my undergraduate studies.
Well, ain't that swell? You might congratulate.
Yeah, but - I find it strange. It's strange how I don't feel excited.
Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to graduate. My family's flying across the globe to come see me strut across the stage and get my degree certificate, and we get to snap snazzy pictures of me in my graduation robe and I get to throw my graduation cap.
Yes, it's definitely swell.
But I can't seem to feel this ... you know how you expect yourself to feel this sudden rush of excitement - a surge of emotions after typing the final full stop on your essay/dissertation/thesis? Well, I expected no less, but as before, I don't get that. I wonder why?
It's the same as when I first flew over to the ever cloudy country of fish and chips and curry. I expected myself to be as a wild animal in a city, staring wide eyed every single thing, as if I've never been to a city before - unfortunately, I took it in quite quickly and pretty soon got very adjusted to living here in a matter of weeks. Of course, the sudden temperature changes were something to deal with, but it's nothing thick jackets and mufflers can't handle.

Right, that's just me ranting away. Please don't take this so seriously.
But honestly though, am I the only one who goes through this?
I hope this doesn't happen on my wedding day.


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