2015 in a post.

I do suppose it's that time of the year again, where reflection is, I would say, the most adequate to do.

2015 has been a blessed year. When I mean blessed, I mean for myself. I've been given crazy opportunities to travel; far more than I can ever dream. It may have given me a brand new perspective in life -- a new mind, perhaps. At least that's what I hope I've acquired after all that.

Thinking back on the year, I do suppose I've achieved a lot.
I graduated with a second-upper; made my family, friends, and myself proud. I traveled parts of Europe; an experience I never imagined myself doing. I spent ten beautiful days in Japan; a dream I had convinced myself wasn't going to happen, but it did. I was accepted for that Masters degree; an opportunity I've never considered taking, but did. Wonderful relationships were made, celebrated and mourned over; a truly humbling experience.

The world is also not without it's fair share of increasingly frequent troubles. No need to list them here, for there are far too many to even keep up with on my daily facebook newsfeed. Despite that, we've gone through a lot together as mankind, it's just whether we learn from our mistakes and avoid making them in the future (which I highly doubt because we as humans are annoying, stubborn creatures.)

That's not to say that my life in this year has been blissful. I've had my ups and downs, my fair share of troubles and miracles.

Now, enough of all this melancholic nonsense (though I don't think they are nonsense lol). I'm just really grateful for this year to be honest. It's been a pretty eventful year in my life, and dare I say it, far more than any other so far. What I think is going to happen in 2016, I don't know. Maybe that's the year I die, or maybe that's the year I contract some life-changing illness. Maybe it'll be a year of new prospects; voluntarily stepping out of my comfort zone. Maybe I might even find someone to coddle me (Not even attempting to be funny here!) In any case, I don't know what the future holds. The only confirmed possibility would be graduating (again).

I really do want to return to Japan again though.


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