Have you ever just felt like your mind just can't seem to anchor itself? It's especially when you're reading something, and you've got soothing, bluesy music on 8tracks that you don't usually listen to, playing in your ears. Your eyes skim over the words - once, twice, three times; trying to make sense of the sentences arranged neatly in chunks of paragraphs but for some reason, they just seem to be words. Occasionally parts of sentences seem coherent to you, but everything else just escapes your comprehension and you end up reading them for the sake of reading them.
Then you realise that that wasn't how you wanted to read the text in the first place. You wanted to read to understand the writer, to try - at least, to grasp the emotions and the fleeting thoughts of the person typing them out and then presenting something as abstract to the public audience.
And the next thing you know, the song changes and you're once again thrown off into the world of bluesy tunes and the intention of reading to understand is lost.


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