Europe Tour - Paris day 1

The trip to Paris was 9 bloody hours. From Switzerland, we made our way out of the Swiss alps and into the flat plains of France. We made toilet breaks almost every three hours. It must've been arduous for Peter to be driving nine hours during the day. We watched 'My Life In Ruins', fitting for our group haha. I think Howard purposfully screened that film to show what being a travel guide is like.
Nothing much happened during the day, as you've expected, there was a lot of sleeping, and a film.
Fast forwarding to actually arriving in Paris, I felt like arriving back at some place familiar, even though I've only been to Paris once for 6 days, just over 3 months ago. It felt nostalgic coming back here as a tourist instead of as a performer/tourist. It was 4pm when we arrived the very swanky hotel. Like some say, you start big you end big. After checking in, we left for Champ Elysee where we were dropped off to have some dinner. After taking some pictures at the Arc de Triumph we went looking for dinner. In the end, we settled on McDonalds. Not the most Parisian meal, but eaten by Parisians nonetheless. We headed back to the meeting point to wait for the relief coach (Peter had maxed out his driving hours for the day). My mum and I took a short stroll past the shops up until Louis Vuitton while having a chat, then turned back.
From Champ Elycsee we went to the river side for a cruise. Funnily enough, I came here just 3 months ago with Mussoc. So, now I have two Bateaux-Mouches tickets to keep as souveniers. Unfortunately, this trip did not mimic the first one I went as it drizzled and rained. I didn't take many pictures as I had already done so three months ago and now, I relish the sights with my own eyes. We went around the Eiffle tower and Notre Dame and various bridges for about an hour then got back onto the bus, then went to tour the infamous 'City of Lights' by coach. To me, it wasn't anything extremely spectacular. It was a pretty sight, yes, with all the lights from the cars in standstill traffic glimmering with the romantic street lights and those illuminating the many monuments around the city. It did, however, have a mysterious taste to it. After the evening tour, we went to some place to see the Eiffle tower lights (I can't remember). The massive metal structure lit up like a christmas tree at 10pm and instantaneously all smartphones and cameras were whipped out to record the moment (which lasts 5 minutes every hour from dusk till dawn). Just as we were walking back to the coach, my mum started to feel slightly peckish. There was a crepe stall nearby and we found out that the girl working there is Malaysian (holla!) - a student doing a Summer job. We arrived back at the hotel at 11pm - the latest that we've probably ever stayed out.
Returning to our room, feeling dead tired we cleaned up and got ready for bed. We had to prepare gratuity for the director and driver, which was a foreign concept to us. Usually, we just pay tax. Anyway, that was done, and after that, I prepared a small little thank you note and a gift each, then slid it into the envelope and back into my mum's bag.
The next day, we tour the city!


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