Now it Begins

Since graduation - no, since my family touched down in the UK, I've been eating so much. And my mum complains I've gotten fat ==

Asides from the rain and chilly weather, graduation was, well, not as emotionally charged as I thought it was going to be. If anything else, I was struggling not to yawn so conspicuously during the speeches. Even made it across the platform without embarrassing myself, as seen in the 10 second vid I posted on instagram (wayhey!) Managed to toss my motar, and snap various pictures with friends who came (love you guys) and have some fancy cakes and champagne. Now that that's all over, it still doesn't really feel like I've graduated. Perhaps it has to do with doing masters in the next academic year. I do look forward to staying in the new house though - it's a place I've visited often enough to feel at home.

We've finally left Nottingham after feeding my friends with home cooked food for two days, and by the looks of it, it's gonna be a very long and tiring trip around Europe. Call me a wet blanket, but I prefer to stay home and be indoors, maybe occasionally leave the house for some social interaction but I like my time alone and sometimes peace and quiet. (Read: personal time alone)

Now that we've sort of begun our travelling, I wish to just stay in the hotel/hostel and chill. Sounds like I'd probably make a horrible travelling buddy. Lol.
Anyway, we'll see how London and Europe goes. For now, cheers from Peckham!


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