Surviving - What it looks like to be without internet.

Literally. I am surviving without internet. It's been 10 days since the internet has been cut off, but it has felt like 10 weeks (hence why I have not been updating). Friends ask me in shock how I'm coping and what the heck I could possibly be doing with my time, I just shrug and tell them, "hey, I can sit for 12 hours playing fallout 3/Skyrim/Sims 3. No problem." then proceed to roll my aching shoulder from sitting too long in one setting.

After having a chat with a friend last night, only was I told and reminded I could still access the university libraries with my card and ID. I slapped my forehead in sudden realisation. 'Why didn't I even try the library?!'
So here I am in the computer lab happily soaking and basking in the joy of internet usage and wifi.

Another thing, at least my (now ex) housemates left me food in abundance (thanks guys!) Now I have more rice and spaghetti than I can ever eat in a whole year. (It's only 5 bags of 1kg rice and several packs of Tesco spaghetti - come on) not to mention various assortments of frozen food and chicken (I'm sure they're still edible, right? Expiry date: January 2015)
At least I can save money on food. Just a few more days till back up arrives!! (re-read that as 'family') As my friend so curtly put it, I am now a poverty stricken child (student). Even my phone credit is down to 42p.

Second news, I'm heading to Japan in August! Sorry guys, you'll have to hold off your welcome home party till later. I'll only touch down in Ipoh on the 17th, possibly, unless I can't get my visa done between my arrival in KL and my departure for Narita. I'm sure it'll go well.



If anyone back home wishes to watch me strut across the stage in heels and maybe hope for me to fall down and embarrass myself in front of fellow graduates and families, or maybe just to hear the dean pronounce my name wrongly, here is the link for the live feed [graduation video]

My ceremony is at 3pm British Summer time, 13th July 2015. Peeps in Malaysia, that would mean 10pm. Yes, it's free to watch online. And yes the pipe music is weird, and a bit creepy.

To spare you guys from having to ask me how I feel about my graduation, here's my answer: 'I have no bloody idea.' You could say I'm feeling apathetic at the moment, or maybe too excited till my emotions have ceased to be excitable (?) no idea. Maybe it'll get worked up when the family finally arrives in the UK, or maybe when I'm about to walk across the platform and hope I won't trip and embarrass myself. Also note to self, try not to cry, or sob or have a melt down.



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