One of those 5 Days of Summer

So it feels as though Summer has officially began in the UK. It's blazing hot, with recorded temperatures of 33 deg Cel this afternoon. It feels like home, but the only difference is that home has air-conditioning and at least ceiling fans in the house. Here, there's none of either and my room feels like an oven. Rooms in the attic are known to be the coldest in winter and hottest in summer - and I am experiencing the full force of the latter. 
How do people survive here?! It's annoying because the body feels like it's being covered in some form of heat film that you can never get rid of except with taking a cold shower, then you rinse and repeat. Similarly, your insides also feel like it's perpetually parched, but I guess that gives you a reason to chug more water (especially for me because I hardly drink 8 glasses a day).

Also, no internet!! *sad face*
I've been spending time playing Sims 3 for the past 2 days and I finally ditched my room to hangout at a friend's place for internet and company. /leeching
Also, their house seems to be cooler and hence less suffocating.
As I was walking from my house, I was thinking to myself, 'Ah, humans are full of complaints.' This was regards to me complaining it was too cold and wet when it should be warm, and now it's too hot and I wish it was cold again. Ah, human nature.

This early afternoon, I experienced some rolling thunder - for once! And was never so happy to welcome the rain, even though it was only about 10 minutes :(

I want air conditioninggggggggg /rolls around


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