To end with the past - welcoming the future.

Today, marks the day I (un)officially complete my undergraduate studies. It has been a fulfilling 2 years (I transferred) of various eye-opening experiences, opportunities and relationships forged that have opened my mind and allowed me to take a glimpse of the world and its many complexities.
Okay I'm just sounding philosophical on purpose. Otherwise, I'm done! I would say I wish I did better, maybe scored more marks to have a solid instead of a borderline total average, but hey, if God gifts me with a miraculous 2:1 (second-upper), then I'm not complaining.
Like I said, it's been a great 2 years here in Nottingham - I got to travel to Paris and perform at a few notable landmarks (a gruelling 12 hour trip - note to self, fly or take a train), I got to experience real snow for the first time ever, in my entire existance (for those who don't already know, I come from a country where Summer is perpetually 365 days a year, where it's either sweltering hot, or pouring cats and dogs, with ocassional droughts and floods. Yay home!), made some really strong friendships (#overlyattached you know who you are), and last but not least learning to cook because we all know that studying abroad is actually all about the cooking.
That's not to say I am done with this forever-gloomy country and its unpredictable weather, I've got another solid year to go because I'll be doing my Masters! See? Unpredictable life. I even got a small scholarship fund from the university I'll be attending! (Just to note, I've never, ever gotten funding from anyone else but my parents. So this is a huge thing for me and for my folks).

So there. That's a very sweet and short summary of my university life. No regrets whatsoever. Whatever choices I've made in the past up till now, whether conscious or not, have led me here. I'd have to admit, I've never expected myself to study abroad. I've more or less expected my life to be mundane, predictable, normal - but looking at it now, I got to say that it's anything but normal. Yeah, I guess studying abroad to most middle-class families is a pretty normal, if not expected experience, but to be honest, it hasn't been easy getting this far. My parents are the ones truely feeling the weight of my education, financial wise. I sometimes feel bad that I put them in such a situation where they'd have to plough away to support me financially. Malaysia's cascading currency isn't helping very much at all. But, by God's abundant grace He has provided, and I believe, pulled all of us through hard and difficult times. For that, I am immensely thankful and grateful for all the opportunities almost literally thrown at my feet, and for my parents' unwavering support.

As I'm sure you will be reading this, (because I will be linking this on Facebook) mummy and papa, thank you so much for all you've done and will be doing, I also apologise for all the ridiculous things that I've done (I can't really remember, but just to be safe, I'll apologise anyway). I know I'm not very vocal about my affection for you both, but know that I love you and am eternally grateful for always being there. Can't wait to walk the stage and accept my certificate with you both (and ah ma) in the audience watching with pride.

Emotions aside, here's a celebratory picture of me doing a mini air fist to commemorate my achievement of a second-upper. Excuse the pallid complexion.


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