First on the agenda: お誕生日おめでとう剣心くん!
剣心 would be 166 years old if he were (real) still alive! (heh) Well technically his birthday was yesterday (6月20日) but I couldn't make it :(

But it's never too late! 剣心 will forever have a special place in my heart as being the first fictional man to fall in love with/admire/fangirl over - all thanks to AXN for introducing and feeding me with wonderful anime such as Samurai X/るろうに剣心 and Saiyuki/幻想魔伝最遊記 when I was 9 years old. Ah, good times.

Saiyuki - basically Journey to the West with a whole lot of uh.. violence.

Anyway, second agenda, I had dimsum yesterday at Man's with the people from a bible study group that I attend weekly called Compass. It was realllyyyy good. Though, maybe it's because I was beginning to crave for home-food. Unfortunately, I must have been too hungry to snap any photos of the food we ate hence I can't really explain much about the food (as I can't really recall, now), but I can definitely assure you, I ate a lot.

Anyway, after that, the group split in two; half of us went for mini golf at Cornerhouse, while the other half went shopping. Guess where I went? Haha! I didn't buy anything though - almost did, but didn't. It was a good thing too because I had already spent £35+ just the other day and my wallet still hurts. Anywho, about 4pm our shopping group headed for some tea at my (apparent) regular hangout: Time Out. I ordered my usual teh tarik (Lit. pulled tea) and so did the other five, and one milk tea something. About fifteen minutes later, the other half joined us. All I can say is, we dominated the cafe.

the Compass group!
We hung out for almost two solid hours I think. Just chilling and chatting, while a couple of them played FIFA on the PS3. I also mentioned to one of them how I felt like a host of a party - because I go there so often and post a lot about the food there, they kept asking me to recommend drinks and food and also because I personally knew the owner I felt kinda a sense of pride to be able to share my recommendations of the nomnoms here with them, because I have confidence that they would love it. Haha! Least to say, I was not disappointed.

After tea, we headed of to a friend's apartment for some Indonesian dinner!

Did I mention my friend is a fantastic chef? Sorry ladies, not single.

Can I just say how much I missed eating soto?! It's primarily a chicken soup noodle dish with boiled egg, sliced cabbage and bean sprouts. Back when I used to have an Indonesian maid at home, she would cook this every other week with nasi impit (compressed rice) for my family and I would gobble everything up. It's kinda hard to explain the taste of the soup. It's clear soup, not broth, cooked with serai  (lemon grass) to give it that nice sightly sour taste and yellow-ish tinge.

After my heavy dimsum lunch and tea, I wasn't feeling really hungry by dinner time. So I only had one small take-away box portion. My usual appetite is quite large so everyone was so surprised I declared myself full after that small portion. We had quite a lot left over as well, but I couldn't eat any more (also, I was on a mission to cut down my food intake). We played some games and quizzes and by the time we were done, it was already 11:15 pm and we had to rush off to catch next bus home. Time really flies when you're having fun!

And then, today I made pancakes! It was my second time, but this time round, my friend and I used my ingredients. I had about almost a full pack of rye flour and I don't know what to do with it, so this happened. Actually, we didn't make pancakes because I had leftover flour from my alternative shampoo experiment, but rather I had totally forgotten about it and realised that I did have flour left. Amazing how that turned out!

The texture isn't the usual 'smooth' style, because I used rye instead of regular flour, it has 'bits' in it - kinda like oats, but not at all oaty. And that was breakfast for lunch! Lololol. And thanks to my friend, she even helped me pack my clothes that are to be moved into my new accommodation next term. (Thanks a lot hahahahaha)

Quite an eventful weekend I'd say. Food is always the best thing that can ever happen. #foodie

ALSO, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY EVERYONE! No, I shall not conform to posting a picture of my father and I on social media accompanied by a meaningful text. Instead I shall wait for my graduation. That will be the best fathers' day gift I will ever be able to give him (aside from grandkids, but I'm still single. Heyyyyy)


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