Fallout 4 at E3

Lengthy post below.

No, I did not attend E3. In fact, I didn't know what it really was (shame!) until this afternoon. So I've been playing my Steam copy of Fallout 3; a Christmas present from 2014 (you know who you are!). I had previously stopped when I first started during Christmas season because I found the game somewhat scary. I mean, come on - post apocalyptic America with radiation all around and freaky mutated life forms roaming around waiting to eat you? Sounds like a wonderful place to be. Also, I was very used to Skyrim's combat system and so when I was introduced to V.A.Ts (Fallout's combat system) I couldn't get used to it. I was more accustomed to first-person, CoD-style point and shoot combat. Not to say this doesn't work, it does. But it's pretty shitty, to be absolutely frank with you. The aim is terrible and every time I miss when it was clearly aimed at the head (I always aim for the head. Exploding heads are satisfying) I go "COME ON. IT WAS A PROPER SHOT" and grumble some more while hunching over my keyboard and using resulting to VATs instead. Though, in the earlier levels, aiming using VATs is also pretty shit. Anyway, enough rambling about FO3.

In their two part video of Fallout 4's gameplay unveiling at E3 (which I promptly tried to find after seeing a post on tumblr on its character creation, which led me to want to write this post after that) the game director of Bethesda, Todd Howard took the stage and introduced the game which is using their all new-not-so-new creation engine used in Oblivion and Fallout 3 (Gamebryo) and illustrated how detailed the game will be. So the game will begin before the nuclear bombing.

Very 1970s. Minus Codsworth the butler robot.

Do you know how exciting that is?! We get to finally see-first hand and experience (maybe for like, 15 minutes) what pre-nuclear retro America would be like in the game world! What's even more awesome is how they incorporated the character creation system - a bathroom mirror. How ingenious is that?

Wife staring creepily behind you. Lovely.

Okay maybe not, but the way I see it, it's a perfect way of creating your own character, whether male or female (they're both husband and wife) and the best bit? NO SLIDERS! You just point and drag and you can practically sculpt your character's features to your heart's content. And like sprinkles on ice-cream, the character behind you (the gender not chosen) will even comment on like, say, your nose being cute when you're editing it. Your character may even interact with the other non-chosen character about opinions on his/her face! How cool is that?! All I'm saying is, it's not like the game pauses and the player is removed from the diegesis (the world within the book/game/film) of the game and then resumes like nothing happened. Character creation is part of the moving, real-time feature! (I don't know if you understood what I just attempted to tell you, I hope you did, because I can't seem to know how to explain the thought otherwise). Also, the game generates a baby based on the couple you have created. I don't know whether the kid survives the nuclear blast, or your spouse, but a baby generator itself is pretty cool. Also the other best bit is that they've used the same creation engine to generate NPCs as well. That means a whole variety of characters!

Anyway, basically, you play as whomever you leave the character creation menu as. Moving on, the graphics look amazing. Not on Final Fantasy 15's level (that's too life-like but hey, me likey!) but it's incredible enough to have you exploring every nook and cranny of the open world. Though the facial animations are still kinda weird and uh.. awkward, but no matter, that's a minor issue we can overlook. Watch the videos for a more detailed viewing of the game's graphics.

Fallout 4 introduces a heaping ton of new systems and interactions such as crafting. Now you can use anything in the world - yes, anything and everything. Maybe excluding trees) - and scraping them into materials to build settlements. Settlements!! You can even build and place generators which will supply power for your lights, turrets, etc. You'll even be able to place water sources and such. Did also I mention sending brahmin caravans between your settlements? Imagine the endless possibilities! Oh, and totally customizable weapons which will be absolutely wicked.

Finally there's some use to all those toy cars I've collected.

 And soon after, you'll have other wanderers coming to join you! It reminds me of DA:I's fort thing to me. I've not played it because I feared my laptop wouldn't be able to support the high-end graphics, so I'm not exactly sure how similar it is. They've also created a layered armor system, which is music to my ears because now I can literally layer on armor instead of just single pieces of clothing.

Also, DOG. THE DOG IS BACK (as shown in the game's trailer). They've totally upgraded interactions in the game as well. Since the character is now fully voiced, it gives the whole experience a more cinematic feel to it - more closeness to your character instead of being a voiceless screen and having staring contests during 'conversations'. Pretty much like DA2 and Mass Effect. Plus, you can now even walk away from a conversation! Or shoot them in the head, as Todd mentioned. A big change from Fallout 3. Anyway, alongside interactions, you can now command your dog to do various things such as fetch a particular object, investigate, whatever. Just point and command.

Now be a good doggy and fetch me that thingamajig.
Also, the pip boy looks amazing.

They've even made a real life one that comes with the collector's edition. Well, I'm not getting that, because, reasons. *ahembrokestudentahem* But yes, now you have the chance of owning your very own pip boy that your smartphone can fit in it. Also, they've created a second-screen app that coincides with the game and yes, you may have guessed, it's the pip boy interface. I believe it'll be released when the game comes out. Not only that, they've additionally released a totally separate smartphone game called 'Fallout Shelter'. It's been released on ios and soon to be released on Android (whyyyyyy). The best part, the game will be free, playable without internet access and without time cycles. Awesome! Watch 3:25 onward of part 2 for the explanation of the game. Man, has Bethesda been real busy.

Right. With all that being said, I don't think I've left anything out. I wanted to keep this post decent in length so I shall stop here. As an ending though, I cannot wait for this game to be released. And it's gonna be pretty soon! Save the date. Looks like I may need to upgrade to be able to play all this. #broke



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