"You know, I've been thinking ..."

I've seen many people; observed them and their uniqueness that make them distinctively them, and I often ask myself: what are you doing with your life?

Finding out little things about people (be it in a stalkerish way or asking directly like how a normal person would) is one of the most fun and exciting parts of knowing someone. And when you find out certain interests that you and that person in question share in common, you feel a sense of joy errupt in your soul, maybe a little bit of relief, as though finally, someone is interested in the same strange blend of things as you are - finally someone can understand you.

I digress. Initially I wanted to go on about how uneventfully normal my life is. How ordinary are my various (half-baked, mediocre) skills I have attained over the years of my living here on Earth. All this I've forced myself to think about after finding out the aforementioned little things. Such talented people with bright minds and dare I say it, raw talent. Of course I wouldn't be able to help myself from wondering what exactly am I doing with my life, right now, wasting my days away with leisures, or rather what should I be doing with my life on Earth before my time is up.

It's funny though (not really), today at church, the speaker said, 'it is alright to not know what your life's purpose is.' Of course, this is in context to the topic of the week, which was 'Pioneering'. So in that context, she was explaining how you don't need to know what God's plan is for you on this Earth. It is His plan after all, and you're His vessel, to carry out His will.  All you need to do is live life accordingly as he has planned and instructed, and you shall be the vessel He needs. At this moment, some of you might think, 'does Christianity promote some sort of ideology where a faceless being controls your life, and we are supposed to carry out the so-called "will" of this said being?' Well, if you put it that way, sorta. It looks like some form of tyrannical control, but it totally isn't. TOTALLY isn't. We are willing to be used as vessels. That's the difference. Willingness, and faith in things that aren't yet there in reality. I Digressed again. I should really learn to be on point.  So anyway, in regards to that, I guess I've sorta answered my self-reflective question on my reason for existance. Also, another thought/quote just came to me: 'don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 5.'

Additionally, with no relation to everything said above, results are being released on Friday. Commence string of nervous muttering and censored cuss words.

Have a good week. Cheers.


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