Hyperama is amazing + Ramen & cheese

Yes, as the title states, Hyperama is an amazing place to shop, because everything is wholesale! And wholesale usually means cheaper prices for buying in bulk! I've been asking myself why haven't I been there earlier! (It is my first time there so imagine the jakun-ness) 
*Jakun in colloquial Malaysian terms means to be in awe of experiences and stuff (to my knowledge at least).

I was the trolley passenger.

* kirakira *

That was my exact
expression when I saw this.

I didn't buy much though, only several packs of instant noodles and some vacuum-packed braised pork (?) and we collected some cardboard boxes for moving-house later next month. One other thing that defines student life other than cooking, instant noodles and binge watching is moving-house. During my second year, I stayed in halls and being unfamiliar with the way the hall system works here in UK universities, I was very frustrated with having to move my stuff in and out of my room three times: Christmas break, Easter break and Summer break. Honestly, by the second move, I'd learned to not buy on impulse and kept nearly half my stuff in boxes to make packing for Summer easier. Not to mention trying to keep the amount of boxes as few as possible because every time I shift them (and my huge ass suitcases), I'd have to climb up/down three floors (my block is even on elevated ground, so, more stairs) 
So now that I'm living in a house, I don't have to go through all that hell any more. Wahahaha!! *cackling laughter* Though I'm still staying on the top floor (attic) in the house. Why does it seem like I'm fated to stay on the highest floors? :/

Anyway, back to today, once I got home (my limbs are still crying from yesterday's fitboxing session), I immediately began cooking lunch, which was one of the noodles I bought today. Ramen Noodles! Since my housemates left some veggies behind, I'd thought I might as well eat them lest they go bad.

But because it was piping hot (physically and in terms of tastes) I had to eat it from another bowl, hence:

I can't handle really spicy food, and I may have accidentally added the entire packet of spicy seasoning without thinking about it, when I usually only do half or slightly more. Not to mention that all the veggies added more volume to my meal and almost made it overflow out of the bowl :S

I even had to add more cheese when eating it bit by bit (the white dollop which apparently isn't too pleased with being mixed into spicy ramen soup)
Some of you may be thinking, 'are you crazy?! Eating ramen with cheese is simply too weird!' 
in actual fact, it is simply even more delicious to eat with cheese. Plus it tones down the spiciness because of the cream/milk. Everyone should try eating noodles with cheese at least once in their life. I came to know of this while scrolling through facebook and saw a video of a Japanese chef turning simpleton ramen into something classy and edgy after adding cheese on top. My other friend also recommended me to eat as so a few days after that too, but this was the first time I cooked this on my own, so I'm quite satisfied with my meal. ごちそうさまでした!


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