Here's just my two cents after some pondering.

It's no secret that the world only, truly and actively look at beings who are successful, popular, beautiful and whatever I may have missed out but belongs on this list. I've observed that people enjoy reading about the lives of others. Call us kepoh (being a busybody) but that's just being human I suppose. Now, how I came to even have this thread of thought in my mind was when I thought of how to boost viewers on my blog. True, I don't post enough or have many interesting topics. So does that make my life mediocre, too plain to be noticed? I don't know. I'm not upset or wallowing in self-pity if anything, I'm simply curious. I follow popular blogs like cheeserland, lashes and strokes, and more personal ones by friends. I often wonder how people like Cheesie or Xiaxue (S'porean blogger) achieve such high reader counts. Time definitely had something to do with it, but asides from that, what else? Cheesie now blogs about her kid, Junya and her life in Japan as a young mother. Xiaxue also blogs about her kid, Dash, and we all know everyone loves looking at babies (okay maybe not, but hey, they're cute and funny when they eat lemon) So, what about before that? From my memories of skimping through Xiaxue's blog and reading about her, and reading about Cheesie now, it's mostly reviews about stuff and fashion, and their every day experiences.
Unfortunately, I don't think my fashion sense is up to par as the world sees it, nor do I have that much cash to splurge on indulgences.

Though at the same time humans, as I've come to actively realize, strive for simplicity and ease. People want the simplest way to earn money; multilevel marketing schemes. People want the easiest way to lose weight; drinks that apparently allow you to do so in weeks. People want the fastest way to fame; doing ridiculous things on the internet. People want to have the simplest method of making or eating food; fast food and frozen meals. Though if it weren't for that trait, we'd probably still be wandering around as neanderthals. I wonder if the same idea applies to reading and watching as well? Entertainment is a simple enough to follow without engaging too much of your brain with, but at the same time it has to be exciting and dramatic. I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be relatable, how are we common folk supposed to relate to Kim K and Kanye's lavish lifestyle?? Yet people still follow endlessly on every news cover of the couple and their kid. Same goes to blogging too I suppose, posts that are too simple, lacking drama and excitement do not really appeal to the masses. Perhaps it's too identical to their own lifestyle. We always want things we can't get, so we look to others who have already achieve or possess that. I'm not saying this on behalf of everyone, this is simply my theory. If you find this as intriguing as I do, feel free to spark a debate or a casual conversation on the topic with your fellow peers and such.

But to tie it all up, I guess we all can't have everything we want.


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